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Body soap (soap-foam). 500ml, Pigeon
  • Body soap (soap-foam). 500ml, Pigeon

Body soap (soap-foam). 500ml, Pigeon

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Product description: Weakly acidic soap-foam for the whole body, suitable for children's skin. The composition includes ceramides that keep the skin moisturized. The composition includes amino oxide detergents that gently cleanse the baby's skin and preserve it moisturized. Do not overdry the skin, washing away too much of the protective fatty layer, and keeps it moisturized. Convenient bottle with dispenser, allowing to use only one hand. The tip of the dispenser is cut obliquely to be conveniently taken away foam. Since there is no need to foaming the medium You can easily wash the person who does not know how to hold the child's head with one hand, while holding it in his arms. Without dyes, without flavors Tested for allergy (does not mean the product can not cause allergies) Volume: 500 ml Brand: Pigeon Country of Origin: Japan
Information is up-to-date: 15.05.2021

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