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Dr. MEDION SPAOXY Gel Face Mask, on 10 uses
  • Dr. MEDION SPAOXY Gel Face Mask, on 10 uses

Dr. MEDION SPAOXY Gel Face Mask, on 10 uses

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Brand:Dr. MEDION

Pid: Dr. MEDION SPAOXY Gel Face Mask, on 10 applications Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Dr. Medion Cosmetics is aimed at maintaining and unlocking the natural potential of the skin. Based on high technology and his own dermatological research, Dr. Medion offers care products working in three main areas: dry and sensitive skin, problem skin (extended pores, uneven texture) and age-related changes. Choose your perfect care, which will return health, strength and radiance to the skin, and you good mood and confidence in your own beauty. Dr. Medion is one of the first to develop and apply carbon dioxide in home skin care products, so the "SPAOXY" series is a kind of business card of the manufacturer. When two components (gel and powder) are mixed, the resulting carbon dioxide forms a lush foam that softens the skin when applied, helping to refresh, smoothness and improve the complexion and texture. Due to the thermal effect, the mask penetrates deeply into the skin, carbon dioxide stimulates circulation, saturates cells and tissues with oxygen, thereby activating metabolic processes in the skin. After one application, the skin becomes refreshed, smooth, hydrated and prepared for subsequent care. Specially selected moisturizers and natural ingredients deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, and the pleasant aroma of rosehip will give pleasure from the procedure. Active components deeply moisturize the skin, have a lightening effect and have an anti-inflammatory effect: ascorbic acid (promotes the synthesis of collagen), rosehip oil, nano-aluuronic acid, ginseng extract, grape seed extract, elderflower extract, royal jelly, licorice flavonoids, licorice extract. Application: 1. Clean your face from makeup, wash your face. 2. Prepare the container, in it mix the gel base with one bag of powder. 3. Apply the resulting gel with a thick layer. It is recommended before applying the gel to moisturize the face with emulsion or serum for the best effect, as the gel with (The resulting gel is designed for one application, do not leave the resulting mixture for another day) 4. After 20-30 minutes, remove the gel with a spatula. 5. Wipe your face with a damp towel or rinse the remaining gel with warm water. After the mask, it is recommended to apply moisturizing lotion and/or cream. Suitable for all skin types and ages, including dry and sensitive. Recommended for skin with enlarged pores and uneven texture, as well as for skin with the first signs of aging. Ingredients: Water, BG, pentylene glycol, carrageenan, sodium bicarbonate, sodium alginate, cellulose gum, royal jelly extract, yochinin extract, sparrow extract, fla...

Brand:Dr. MEDION
Information is up-to-date: 15.05.2021

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