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Dr. MEDION VC Cream' Multivitamin Cream for Enlarged Pores, Probe, 1g
  • Dr. MEDION VC Cream' Multivitamin Cream for Enlarged Pores, Probe, 1g

Dr. MEDION VC Cream' Multivitamin Cream for Enlarged Pores, Probe, 1g

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Brand:Dr. MEDION

Pid: Dr. MEDION VC Cream, Multivitamin Cream for Extended Pores, Probe, 1g Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Dr. Medion Cosmetics aims to maintain and unlock the skin's natural potential. Based on high technology and his own dermatological research, Dr. Medion offers care products working in three main areas: dry and sensitive skin, problem skin (extended pores, uneven texture) and age-related changes. Choose your perfect care, which will return health, strength and radiance to the skin, and you good mood and confidence in your own beauty. The VC's series includes a rich multivitamin complex that includes APPS® a stabilized vitamin C whose penetration capacity is 100 times greater than the standard forms of this vitamin. The effectiveness of this antioxidant is difficult to overestimate - APPS®, deeply penetrating the skin, maintains vitamin balance, moisturizes and cares. Promotes the production of its own collagen and strengthens blood vessels, returning the skin youth and elasticity. Water and fat-soluble forms of vitamin C have a strong moisturizing effect, and vitamins F, E and B6 are powerful antioxidants that support healthy skin health. VC Cream is the final step of leaving after VC Lotion and VC Essence. Despite the slightly denser texture compared to essence and lotion, the cream for a long time moisturizes the skin without stickiness and fat. It aligns the tone and texture of the skin, returning it to a healthy complexion and radiance. In addition to the multivitamin complex, it also includes 9 amino acids and ceramides, which, while maintaining skin hydration, prevent dryness, peeling and cracking, contribute to the production of their own collagen. The cream is suitable for all skin types and ages, including dry and sensitive. Recommended for skin with enlarged pores and uneven texture, as well as for skin with the first signs of aging. Ingredients: Water, BG, Squalan, cetearil ethylhexanoate, glycerin, begeneral alcohol, glycerilstearate, PEG-40 stearat, stearic acid, carite oil, jojoba oil, glycozil tregalose, bathylstaarate, sodium chloride, PEG-10 stearat, hydrolyzed hydrated starch, dimethicone, sodium citrate, hydrogenated hydrolysis starch, zetipalalmitate, orange oil, polysorbat 60, gliccerylase (SE), hydrizate, tocoferol, hydroxyprolin, xanthan gum, rosehip fruit extract, glyceril ascorbic acid, highlander extract, betaine, sodium dilaumydoglutamide lysine, PCA-Na, isostearil alcohol, sorbit, Adugine bark extract, serin, argy glycine, glutamic acid, citric acid, lysine, phytosteryl/octyldodecil lauryl glutamate), alanine, proline, treonine, sunflower oil, linolenic acid, oleic acid, ceramide NG, ascor...

Brand:Dr. MEDION
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