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RAVISSA Serum 9ersing Cleansing Serum, First Stage, 120 ml
  • RAVISSA Serum 9ersing Cleansing Serum, First Stage, 120 ml

RAVISSA Serum 9ersing Cleansing Serum, First Stage, 120 ml

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Brand:ALEN International
Product Description: RAVISSA Serum Sleansing Cleansing Serum, First Stage, 120 ml Ravissa is a Japanese brand produced by Alen International. This cosmetics are used in many Japanese beauty salons. It combines several important qualities for which she is loved and chosen. A chic line-up, very democratic for such a composition price, efficiency, confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews. And most importantly, the result even after the first application. Ravissa is suitable for all skin types. Each product is very comfortable, the first thing you will feel is full hydration, the skin seems to gain strength. It blooms, fills with energy, improves color. With regular use you will find that the basic requests specifically of your skin are addressed, it can be dryness or wrinkle control, as well as acne in adults, and is especially recommended against cell oxidation. When creating cosmetics was laid the goal of a quick visible effect after the salon procedure, as well as cumulative prolonging effect. All Ravissa cosmetics are based on water, which is saturated with hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen water is very valuable in Japan, it has high antioxidant properties, but it is very unstable. The fact is that hydrogen molecules are attached to mineral molecules in water, but this attachment is unreliable: at any oscillation hydrogen molecules are released and flown away. To solve this problem, Alen International scientists have come up with a completely unique method that seals hydrogen molecules inside mineral molecules. Hydrogen water becomes stable. Thanks to this breakthrough method, hydrogen water provides deep penetration of hydrogen and other active components deep into the skin. RAVISSA Serum Sleansing is a moisturizing cleansing serum, the first stage in the RAVISSA skin care complex. Serum Sleansing combines the properties of cleansing gel, makeup remover and moisturizing serum. The product has a complex moisturizing and healing effect on the skin. You not only cleanse the face, but also exercise moisturizing and anti-ageing care. The composition contains a set of active ingredients: Apple stem cells trigger regeneration processes and help smooth out fine wrinkles, increase skin tone, improve complexion. In addition, they protect epidermis cells from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Thanks to antioxidant effects, stem cells slow down skin aging. Low-molecular chamomile extract acts in pair with plant stem cells, enhancing their effect, increasing the immunity of the skin and its protective properties. Peptide complex of 4 functional peptides stimulates collagen production, smooths wrinkles and fills the skin with energy, increases its turgor and density. Proteoglycans from the cartilage of salmon fish penetrate into the depth of the skin and reduce the...
Brand:ALEN International
Information is up-to-date: 15.05.2021

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